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The West Chester Area Refugee Resettlement Project is a group of faith organizations and individuals in the West Chester, PA area who are working collectively with Lutheran Children and Family Service to support an incoming refugee family. UMCWC will be part of this effort to sponsor the resettlement of a refugee family from Congo, expected to arrive sometime before April.

The needs of the family will include housing, employment, transportatin, orientation, coordination of appointments, education connections, ESL training, clothing, and household furnishings.

Fundraising is needed as well. An initial amount of $8,000 is needed to start (some of which has beHandsen raised) and $12,000 is needed for sustainability.

Ways you can help:

  • Become part of the team! Email Carol Bremner at or Rev. Rounsley at to be part of it.
  • Give financially. To help toward the fundraising effort, make checks payable to UMCWC and mark Refugee Resettlement in the memo line.
  • Donate items. Check back here for a list of household items that will be needed.
  • Volunteer to attend the next Refugee Resettlement committee meeting, Thursday, Feb. 11 at Birmingham Friends Meeting at 1245 Birmingham Road, West Chester.

Every person who will be interacting with the families will need to have police and child abuse clearances. They are free for volunteers, and can be done online. Clearances already in place for church activities will satisfy this requirement.


Follow the West Chester Area Refugee Resettlement Project on Facebook for updates and additional information:

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