Thirteen years ago we made a decision to remodel everything in the building except the Sanctuary. We are celebrating all we have accomplished with our building program and initiating what we hope will be the final Capital Campaign to pay off the mortgage by the end of 2016 … a full 5 years earlier than the original mortgage period.

For this campaign, we have chosen the slogan, “Honor the Past; Serve the Present; Provide for the Future,” as a symbol of almost 200 years of history and accomplishments our church has enjoyed.

The Bible tells us that when the first temple was being built, the leaders and all members of the faith community came forward and made commitments to support the building. They gave sacrifically of the wealth that God had showered upon them. We follow their faithful example in our day.

Our building is used for ministry 7 days a week. We host studies, worship, performances, concerts, seminars, small groups, social work agencies and serve as a place for organizations to meet and celebrations to be held. Look through the brochure and hopefully a smile will grow across your face as you remember all the blessings that have come from your sacrificial giving in the past.

Now, if we raise 1.2 million dollars, this will be our final campaign and what remains of our debt will be lifted.

The winds of freedom that will blow through our church will be amazing!

Creativity will flow. Joy will flow.

A new future filled with hope will come upon us.

Let’s end this season of debt with the strength in which this all began. We built up the Lord’s house so that we could continue to be a blessing to the community for another hundred years.

Pray for our future. Pray for this campaign. Be a generous giver. Watch the winds of the Spirit work and be thankful.


Update on pledges recieved on Sunday March 23rd

We received over $685,042 in pledges on Sunday March 23rd towards our capital campaign, Honor the Past, Serve the Present, and Provide for the Future. We expect to receive many more pledges in the next several weeks.

If you would like to make a pledge, you can print a pledge card from the link to the right.

Not only do our pledges pay off our beautiful new addition early, saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments, but it supports three important missionary causes beyond our church walls:

  • We honor the past by supporting the conference past pension liability campaign, which helps supply pensions for pastors who have faithfully served our churches in years gone by;
  • We serve the present by supporting Act in Faith, an interfaith social work organization that our church helped found in 2011; and
  • We provide for the future by supporting Mission of Hope, Haiti, a Christian organization that is developing an on-going relationship with our Youth Mission Team.

Thank you for doing “all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” (John Wesley)

And a big thank you for the Capital Campaign Team:

  • Fred Crotchfelt,
  • Charles D. Allen,
  • Donna Mazzola,
  • Sue Haugh,
  • Bob Kearns,
  • Marianne Murtaugh,
  • Kevin Murtaugh,
  • Ed Mytych,
  • Robert Mullett,
  • Lauren Welshans, &
  • Denny Wright.


UMCWC Capital Campaign booklet

You can learn more about the church, our ministries and the vision that we hope to bring about through the capital campaign in this 8-page booklet.


If you choose to make a pledge, please print out this pledge card and bring it to church on Sunday, March 23rd.